Organic Soil Treatment

Bactifeed OST is a environmentally friendly SOIL PROBIOTIC made with many strains of good bacteria & fungi that have been shown to improve soil health.

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Environment Friendly

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Bactifeed OST Benefits

Increase Biological Activity

Breakdown Organic Matter

Open Soil

Increase Water Penetration

Increase Water Retention

Release Nutrients

Buffer Toxins

Buffer Salts

Stimulate Root Growth

Build Disease Resistance

Fix Nitrogen

Increase Quality

Increase Yield

Create Humus

Increase Fertilizer Efficiency

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Bactifeed comes in a living dry powder that need to be activated for 8 hours

  • BREW

    Use the brew bottle to let the bacteria activate


    For best results, use a hose end sprayer & apply 3 to 4 treatments (2 to 3 weeks apart)

  • GROW

    People usually see results in 30 to 90 days.