Will Bactifeed OST replace fertilizer?

No. Bactifeed OST is an organic soil amendment that can reduce the use of fertilizer, and helps release fertilizer that gets bound up in the soil. It works as a companion and can help fertilizers work more effectively.

How does Bactifeed OST reduce water usage?

The bacteria in bactifeed breakdown organic matter and turn it into a substance called humus. Humus is a spongy material that can hold up to 90% of its weight in water. When you can hold store and hold more water in your soil, you need to use less. 

Will Bactifeed OST work in all types of soil?

Yes. If you have sandy soil bacteria and fungi will work to fill in open areas with humus creating a sandy loam soil. Although it may be a longer process and require more Bactifeed to build up the open areas. The bacteria and fungi will open & soften clay soil allowing water, oxygen and roots to dig down deeper. All around bactifeed creates healthy soil no matter what type you have.

How often do i need to apply Bactifeed OST?

We recommend starting off strong to really get the bacteria and fungi to start building strong colonies. Apply the first 2 treatments 2 weeks apart and then monthly for the first year. After the first year you can cut back to 3 or 4 treatments a year.

How fast will i see results from Bactifeed OST?

Results have most often been reported between 60 and 90 days. It takes a little time for the bacteria and fungi to build strong colonies, but its well worth the wait. Results very depending on the quality of your soil.

What are the benefits of Bactifeed OST?

There are many benefits to Bactifeed. Some benefits that have reported by farmers and golf course attendants are: reduce water usage, reduce fertilizer usage, softer soil, eliminate standing water, increase crop yield, better crop quality and taste, increase root mass, eliminate fairy ring, eliminate brown lawn spots, Greener lawns and more.