Mix bactifeed OST with at least 16 oz of water and let it brew for at least 8 hours. 1 cap of Bactifeed powder = 2,000 sq ft (average lawn is approximately 5,000 sq ft)


 Spray desired area with Bactifeed OST. You can use a hose end sprayer, watering can, or a pump sprayer. Whatever works best for you.

*note that if you use a hose end sprayer, it's best to take out the filter and set it to the largest droplet setting.


After you have sprayed Bactifeed OST on your Lawn & Garden, it's best to water for a few minutes to drive the Bacteria & Fungi deep in the soil.
It Is recommended that after you apply your first treatment wait 2 weeks and apply your second treatment, then once a month for the first year. 

Once Bactifeed OST has established in your soil the first year you can cut back to 3 to 4 times a year or as needed.