Bactifeed OST is a soil treatment that was developed for, and loved by, farmers and golf course attendants for almost 20 years. This specially formulated blend of Bacillus Bacteria & Mycorrhizal Fungi enhances what naturally occurs in the soil and has been proven to create amazing results. 

Bactifeed uses Natural Processes

Bactifeed OST's naturally enhancing processes help create a soft, HUMUS RICH SOIL that is able to hold more water & allow roots to grow deep in the soil. This relieves root stress allowing plants to easily find the nutrients they need to be healthy & strong.

Bacteria play a vital role in the soil

The BACTERIA in BACTIFEED OST dig down deep, making microscopic tunnels that open up the soil, allowing more oxygen & water to reach all parts of the root system. They also eat & process organic matter and turn in into HUMUS, which is vital for good soil health. 

Bacteria create humus

Humus rich soils are able to store & hold a lot more water, humus can hold up to 90% of its weight in water, which helps reduce water costs. Over the years golf courses have noticed a significant saving in water costs. For example, one Tuscon, AZ golf course said they reduced their water usage by 46% over a year. HUMUS also helps make nutrients available to plants, meaning they can easily find and consume it.

Bactifeed helps fertilizer work better

BACTERIA will also release nitrogen that gets tied up in the soil, this can help you reduce your fertilizer use. BACTIFEED OST is not a fertilizer but a soil amendment and works as a good companion for fertilizers. We recommend using organic fertilizer methods, but if you do choose a chemical fertilizers we won't judge you too harshly because BACTIFEED OST protects the soil from any negative effects.

Bacteria protects plants and soil from toxins

BACTERIA help buffer toxins in the soil. BACTIFEED has been used in mine reclamation projects. When bacteria encounter salts and toxins in their environment, they cover it with a substance that protects their colony and allows them to work in peace. This also protects the plant roots from these same salts and toxins. 

Mycorrhizal Fungi exchange food & water with roots

The  MYCORRHIZA FUNGI in BACTIFEED OST create a symbiotic relationship with plants. MYCORRHIZA are beneficial fungi growing with and connecting to plant roots, and thrive by taking sugars from plants and exchanging them for water and nutrients. The MYCORRHIZAS greatly increase the absorptive area of a plant, acting as extensions to the root system.

These are some of the many reasons farmers and golf course attendants have consistently used Bactifeed for the last 20 years.