Bactifeed OST - Brew Bottle + Single Treatment (covers 5000 sq ft)

Bactifeed OST - Brew Bottle + Single Treatment (covers 5000 sq ft)

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Bactifeed 16oz Brew Bottle includes 1 Treatment of Bactifeed OST that covers 5000 sq ft

Bactifeed OST is a specially formulated blend of beneficial bacillus Bacteria & Mycorrhizal Fungi.

Bactifeed OST comes in a dry, highly concentrated powder. The Bacteria and Mycorrhizal Fungi are in a dormant state and need to be mixed with water to become active.

The process of brewing makes Bactifeed OST stand out above liquid bacteria products. Brewing allows the bacteria to activate, breakdown and release stimulants in the Bactifeed mix, and reproduce so that you have trillions of bacteria by the time you spray.

Each Brew Bottle cap-full of our highly concentrated powder will cover a 2500 sq ft area follow these steps to get best results 

1. Add water to our 16 oz Bactifeed Brew Bottle & shake well

2. Let mixture sit for at least 8 hours so that the BACTERIA & MYCORRHIZA FUNGI colonies can become fully active 

3. Spray Desired area and water for about 2 minutes afterwards to drive the BACTERIA & MYCORRHIZA FUNGI deep into the soil. 

You can use a hose end sprayer, a watering can, backpack sprayer, etc.

*when using a hose end spray take out the filter and set it to the largest setting to get the largest water droplets.

To get the best results follow this recommended schedule

Apply your first 2 treatments 2 weeks apart. Then once a month for the first year.

Result times vary depending on soil. Harsh soils may take longer. Many see results with-in their first 30 to 90 days.




Bacillus Pumilus....450,000 

Bacillus Megaterium......450,000

Bacillus Subtilis......300,000

Bacillus Licheniformis..75,000

Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens......45,000

Arbusular Mycorrhizas: Glomus Intraradices..........2.5 spore per gram